About Roxy

I am Me :)

I am a mother and wife.  

I enjoy gabbin and bitchin.  I like to blog about Pittsburgh, My family, Places I go and just general life shit.  I take alot of photographs that wind up on my blog.  

I bitch about Pittsburgh often but really I do love so much about it.  If you could give me hot muggy weather year round and a beach within say 2 hours I wouldn't want to leave.

I watch too much reality tv.  I do love my cooking shows and from time to time will share recipes on my blog. I have been attempting to eat healthier these days.

I listen mostly to Punk and Alternative music.  Some days I dress in all black some days I dress up just depends on my mood.  Sometimes I dye my hair funky colors most often it is Red and has been since I was 14.  

That's me in a nutshell.  Take it or leave it :)